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So, how much do you know about Epic Fantasy? Are you a Grand Master or a simple Journeyman Apprentice. Take the Epic Fantasy Quiz and find out.

At last! You can have the Drunken Duo on your home PC, telling jokes, passing along pick-up lines, and searching for Planet Wench! Click here for more info on Bodger & Grift: the Screensaver.

b&g on TV!

winner and me

In April I hosted an Epic Fantasy Quiz at Mysterious Galaxy here in San Diego. Here you'll find photos of the winners and other such stuff.

Here they are! The first reports from the reader/reviewers. Stop by to hear what real people think of A Cavern of Black Ice.



What weighs one and a half pounds, walks on three legs, and likes attacking harmless French blinds? Yes, it's Nog, the kitten. Stay tuned as she opens her own webpage!

I've just updated this page for beginning writers. Here you'll find sites brimming with info and practical advice on getting your work published.

SF Links


Be sure to check out the JVJ news sheet for the latest information on books, signings and other related stuff.

Read excerpts from A Cavern of Black Ice. Here you'll find three short pieces about the Clansman, the assassin and the Dog Lord.

The Clansman


Ha! Just when you wenches thought it was safe to return to the mead hall, Bodger & Grift reveal their latest dastardly lines. Wenches of the world be afraid. Be very afraid!

Ever wondered what writing a 290,000+ word book can do to a person? The answer is here on this page.



"What is this strange thing?" you're thinking. "A deep sea anemone? A sole for a high-tech running shoe?" No. It's tripe, and it's just one of the tasties featured on my English Food Page.

Here's a quick look at some of my different book covers from around the world. At last count, the Book Of Words series had been translated into six different languages.

cavern cover

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