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Watcher of the Dead

Trust had eventually been regained, but Sadaluk did not fool himself over the reason for it. The accepted way of regaining trust with an Ice Trapper was to outlive him.

A Sword from Red Ice

Fear and understanding slowly began to coalesce in Inigarís thoughts. Something terrible was about to happen. Here, in the exact and sacred center of clan.

A Cavern of Black Ice

Raif called the fox to him. The space separating them condensed and almost immediately, he felt the heat of the creature's blood against his cheek.

The Barbed Coil

He had been told what a Garizon war-king was capable of. He had been told but he didn't really know.

The Baker's Boy

He felt the intricate tangling of muscle and tendon, felt the sensuous curve of the ovaries.

A Man Betrayed

He drew near the bed. The girl moaned and turned away. He stood above her and, with hands that had killed a king, he ripped the linen shift from her back.

Master and Fool

Melli closed her eyes. A child's fear came upon her: the fear of burns and pain and monsters.