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Welcome to JVJ's SF Links.

This page is designed to be an informal starting point for aspiring SF writers on the Net. I have visited all the sites listed here and many of them provide invaluable information for writers. So sharpen your pencil, brush the dust from your mouse-pad, bring your nose to the screen and surf...(last updated 27-1-99)


Sara Douglass gives some great advice on getting a first novel published

Steven Barnes has put together a wonderful nine week writing course--and it's free!

Vonda McIntyre lists 10 pitfalls new writers often make. An invaluable site.

Holly Lisle offers a lot of useful advice to beginning writers

Jeffrey A. Carver offers several useful pointers.

Sean Stewart gives 5 easy pieces of advice

Roger MacBride Allen has put together the ultimate list of writing no-no's

Maureen McHugh's excellent website offers lots of insight into writing

Tara K. Harper offers advice on query letters, agents, editors and contracts.

Patricia Anthony posts insightful online lectures about writing.

John Stith has a page brimming with information on books about writing and links to writing resources.

Nancy Kress holds a question and answer session for beginning writers.


Manuscript Submission & Presentation

Mary Soon Lee has a page dedicated to the art of short story submissions.

Amy Sterling tells you everything you need to know about manuscript preparation.

Lisa Silverthorne gives a show and tell of manuscript preparation.

Ivan Cat spells out the do's and don'ts of query letters.

William Shunn shows you actual manuscript pages.




Warner Aspect Books' Editor-in-Chief , Betsy Mitchell, tells you what she's looking for in a first novel.

Asimov's Science Fiction gives specific information about what they're looking for in short fiction

Tor's page tells you exactly what they want from new writers.

Baen gives a brief synopsis of what they're looking for.

Del Rey has changed their submission guidelines, and no longer accept unsolicited submissions. They maintain a useful writer's resource page, with links to articles about first novels, editing, and the dreaded slushpile.

Daw Books tells you want they want in a manuscript, and where and who to send it to.

Avon Books accepts query letters.

Harper Collins publishes SF, but I couldn't find any SF guidelines.

PenguinPutnam also publishes SF, but offers no guidelines.

TSR publishes gaming-related fantasy

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Source Book (Writer's Digest Books) gives you addresses of agents and editors specializing in SF, how to contact them, what they're looking for, and articles about writing.



SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America). Lots of great advice here, including tips on hunting for an agent, and lists of agents who handle SF.

SFFNET is an online community for SF writers. They host all sorts of useful websites.

Locus is an SF magazine for professionals in the field. Here you'll find all the latest news.

The DeColores Project offers encouragement to people of color writing in the SF field.

Publishers Weekly carries bestseller lists along with information about the publishing industry.

Inkspot is an invaluable writer's resource. All sorts of goodies here.

The Thought Cafe is a venue for aspiring writers, who can post their work online and have it evaluated by other writers.

The Writer's Guild of America gives many useful links to writer's resources.

Clarion West (SF Workshop) Famous workshop for aspiring SF writers.

Market Information about selling SF stories.

Write Market Webzine lists hundreds of short fiction markets.

The Art of Writing is a webzine produced by writers for writers.

Bookwire is brimming with news, reviews and book tour info.

rec.arts.sf.composition is a newsgroup dedicated to writing SF

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