Bodger & Grift

Bodger & Grift


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Some Words Of Wisdom

"Of course, Bodger, there's really only one way to tell if a woman's a virgin."
"What's that, Grift?"
"You have to put her in a room with a badger, Bodger."
"A badger?"
"Aye, Bodger, a badger. You take the badger, Bodger, lock it in a room with the girl you're testing. You leave them alone for a couple of hours and then go and see what's happened."
"What's supposed to happen, Grift?"
"Well, Bodger, if the badger falls asleep in the corner, then the girl's been around the haystack, if you know what I mean. But if the badger comes and curls up on her lap, then she's a virgin good and true."
"What if the badger bites the girl, Grift?"
"Then the girl will catch the ground pox, and no one will care either way, Bodger."

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