Anatomy of an Ending


Have you ever wondered just what an author looks after she's finished typing the last word of a 280,000+ word book? Haggard is the answer. Haggard! (Please see photo below**). My latest book, which I finished this month, took me almost a year to write and is by far my most complicated work to date. It's HUGE. If dropped from even a mediocre height, it could kill a small dog. It's titled A Cavern Of Black Ice and it probably won't be published until January of 1999. So I advise you to begin weight training now, and hopefully by the time the book is out you just might be able to heft it over your shoulder and carry it from the store! (-:




Note big dent in the couch where author has sat for the past eleven months.


Claw-like hands of author, formed during countless hours of typing in sub-zero temperatures. (Okay, okay, author lives in San Diego where it isn't actually that cold. But , hey, that El Nino's brought some darn peaky winds!)


Sweats. Author lost all dress sense on page 455 of Chapter 29. She finds the hood handy for storing salty snacks.

Haggard Author
Q: If the author is so haggard, why is she smiling?

A: The author is smiling because she can now go on a bender with Bodger & Grift!


Note hair tied back with an elastic band. At this point, the author is simply glad to have hair!


Bags under the eyes; dimensions unknown. Upon finishing the book, the author went straight out to find some favorable lighting and a trowel.


Locket containing the outlines for Books 2&3 in the series. As you can see the author has quite a bit of work ahead of her.

** Okay. I admit it. This entire page is just an excuse to show off my new Olympus digital camera. (-:


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