The Clansman

Raif called the fox to him. The space separating them condensed and almost immediately, he felt the heat of the creature's blood against his cheek. He tasted its fear. Everything sloughed away, leaving only the arrowhead, the fox and the still line that lay between them. The raven lore itched against his skin. This was what he wanted. Here at least he had some control.

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The Crouching Maiden

The assassin sat in a chair well illuminated by the amber-burning lamp, yet Penthero Iss still found it hard to behold her. He thought at first that the light had perhaps dimmed due to impurities in the fuel, yet he could detect no increase or darkening of smoke. Finally, after several minutes of study, he was forced to conclude that Magdalena Crouch was the sort of woman whom it was difficult to see.

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The Dog Lord

Vaylo Bludd spat at his dog. He would have preferred to spit at his second son, but he didn't. The dog, a hunter and wolf mix with a neck as wide as a door, bared its teeth and snarled at his master. Other dogs leashed behind it made low growling noises in the back of their throats. The wad of black curd spat by Vaylo Bludd landed on the first dog's foreleg, and the dog chewed at its own fur and skin to get it off. Vaylo didn't smile, but he was pleased. That one definitely owed more to the wolf.

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