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Melli Armed & Dangerous
Breaking News: Giant Noggin can now confirm two official sightings of the Mellster at two separate locations in Northern Europe. Somehow she has managed to evade our security net and cross international borders. The first confirmed sighting is in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where Melli was seen hiding behind a beech tree in her signature blue dress. More alarmingly, the second sighting (Hamburg, Germany) shows the Mellster's uncanny ability to change both her hair color and appearance completely. This woman is a master of disguise. Most alarmingly of all, however, is the revelation that the Mellster is now armed and dangerous. Consequently the status of the investigation has now been raised to Code Blue.
Map Point
Latest Sightings
ATTENTION: Visual reconnaissance material now available
Visual data #46278832-V
Melli in Amsterdam
Exhibit C
Melli in Germany
Exhibit D
Exhibit C:
Please study this photograph carefully. We are interested in discovering the identity of the six armed horsemen. Also of special interest are the three large red mushrooms in the foreground. Special Operative Fungi Joe has been sent to Holland to secure a sample of said vegetation.
Exhibit D:
This photograph was taken at a known contact point along the Rhine. The lone horseman is, we believe, a field operative from a rival intelligence agency. As can clearly be seen in the far right of the photo, the Mellster is now packing heat! Our weapon's expert advises me that it is "a standard issue shortsword with a three foot range and a full metal hilt."
The Chief Investigating Operative would like to thank Meulenhoff-M, her Dutch publisher, and cover artist Nico Keulers; and Bastei Lubbe, her German publisher, and cover artist Stephen Youll. © Cover art copyright 1997.
Field Operatives' Mission:
We know Melli is out there. If anyone has information regarding her whereabouts please file a report immediately. Remember: Melli is now armed and dangerous!
ATTENTION: Please continue to monitor these pages for further updates.
Chapter I
Chapter II
Reader's Comments
Cooking with Tavalisk
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Where's Melli
Where's Melli Update
Armed & Dangerous
What The Readers Say:
"I thoroughly enjoyed The Baker's Boy. It is darker and more graphic than most fantasy/quest novels, which adds a certain twist of realism. I read your book in three days as a study diversion from my Radiology boards. The Four Kingdom's doctors aren't much to sneeze at, are they?"
What The Readers Say:
"Some of my favorite authors include Eddings, Jordan, Dave Duncan, Feist and Wurts...I am now adding your name to my list. I can hardly wait to read the next one."
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