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JV Welcome to
Ok, I admit it. It's been a long time since the site received any updates. I've been really busy completing Book V of The Sword of Shadows and everything else has been on the backburner. I plan to turn this around soon, starting with regular posts to the journal. Thank you for your patience, JV
A Cavern Of Black Ice A Fortress Of Grey Ice
Cavern joins Fortress in Tor's catalog
"a long, involved, exciting, horrifying, gripping, unputdownable book" says Denise Ball about A Cavern of Black
The Barbed Coil
Manuscripts and mayhem
"The best fantasy novel of the year. A superb novel, sculpted from colorful vocabulary and fantastic clarity by a brilliant story teller sure to continue her dazzling career...Read it or regret it later...a triumph." -SFXclick