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Oct 2010:
20th Doggies and Epic Fantasy in DC
4th It isn't a waterfall...
1st High Time...
Doggies and Epic Fantasy in DC
Posted by JVJ @ 11:04 pm
Oct 20th : 2010
I'm in Washington, DC for a couple of days. It's my second visit to the city and I absolutely love it. I've never been to a place where there is so much to do for free. Yesterday I went to the American Indian Museum which is fascinating and touching. One of things that caught my attention was the waterproof and almost-transparent seal gut parka made by the Inupiaq. My photo didn't turn out, but here's what it looked like. It's one of the most beautiful and functional items of clothing I've ever seen.

The other photo is the Portal Gates, which are set in the wall of the Renwick Gallery, leading nowhere, and were forged by master blacksmith Albert Paley. For obvious reasons, these appeal to the fantasy writer/reader in me.

I know it isn't a waterfall but...
Posted by JVJ @ 5:25 pm
Oct 4th : 2010
High Time for an Update
Posted by JVJ @ 12:40 am
Oct 1st : 2010
Here I am a couple of weeks ago in the yard, getting a soaking from the sprinkler sytem that had “gone rogue”. You might not be able to tell from the photo, but that’s an eight feet geyser erupting in the corner.

Here are a couple of links. French illustrator Marc Simonetti is interviewed here. And a wonderful rendering of a Sull female by Candice C is over here at deviantart. Enjoy.

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