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June 2010:
29th Back in San Diego
8th Book Signing
1st Weekend in the...
Back in San Diego
Posted by JVJ @ 7:46 pm
June 29th : 2010
I知 back in San Diego. The signing at Mysterious Galaxy was a lot of fun, and we had a good turnout considering it was scheduled at the same time as the Word Cup match between the US and Ghana. Mysterious Galaxy has signed books if you would like one.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, letting me know how much they enjoyed Watcher. I知 hard at work on the follow-up, Book V.

Here痴 a photo from my last weekend in the Adirondacks. This is Blue Mountain Lake, early in the morning. I followed a pair of loons in my canoe, and watched as the male defended its territory against a sea-plane that landed on the lake in front of him.

Book Signing
Posted by JVJ @ 2:34 pm
June 8th : 2010
I値l be at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego on Saturday June 26th at 2pm, chatting, signing books and reading. If you池e in the area come down and say hello. Might even read from Book V, Untitled Under the Ice.
Weekend in the Adirondacks
Posted by JVJ @ 4:54 pm
June 1st : 2010
I hope you had a good weekend? I drove north to the Adirondacks and went canoeing, climbed a mountain and discovered a new waterfall. Here I am by the Blue Ridge Falls on the Branch River.
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