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January 2009:
11th And the winners...
5th Way Up
4th Don't adjust your...
2nd Happy New Year
And the winners are!
Posted by JVJ @ 4:50 pm
Jan 11th : 2009
At last, we have a decision. The judging ended in a brutal smackdown that left my ears ringing. We have four winners and weíll be contacting you to confirm your shipping addresses. This was a fantastic contest and we appreciate everyone who took the time to take a photo. Everyone deserved a prize, but if you didnít win one blame Paul! And now, without further ado.
Tim, our tinfoil knight, beat out the competition. Why? Because he can fight and bake a potato at the same time.
This goes to the wonderful Sylvie and family for their superb photo on the giant bed. The U.S. galley copy of A Cavern of Black Ice is the first book in the series to appear in print. Itís extremely rare. Itís a promotional copy, produced by the publisher about six months in advance of the actual book. Very few were produced. Itís unusual in that it features the actual artwork in full color on the cover (most publishers spare the expense and use simple black and white printing). It also features the uncorrected text of the book so Sylvie can now spend many happy hours cataloging my errors. One of these signed beauties will now wing its way across the Atlantic to France.
This one goes out to Angela, co-author of the Booknapping. Itís a beautiful frameable print by renowned artists Darrell K. Sweet. It will be Angelaís decision whether or not to have it signed.
This goes to Sylvia who was Angelaís partner in crime. The Booknapping was so much fun I didnít want it to end.

Congratulations to all the winners. Letís do this again. Soon. If you have any ideas for future contests drop me a line.
Way Up
Posted by JVJ @ 4:14 pm
Jan 5th : 2009
Here I am a couple of days ago, working off the excesses of the Holiday season. Iíd just finished the local ďWay up TrailĒ and was taking a well-earned rest before heading down. Thatís the Olivenhain Dam behind me and the hills of Escondido.
Don't adjust your monitor
Posted by JVJ @ 9:52 pm
Jan 4th : 2009
The photo won't get any clearer. That's smoke your trusty reporter is swathed in. Here I am on Christmas Day, where catastrophic power failure required emergency deployment of the BBQ. I'm here to report that cooking duck over an open flame creates a very real fire hazard.

We're running a couple of days late on judging the winners of the Big Contest, but have no fear we're on the case. Lot's of excellent entries to choose from, and only a handful of prizes to go around: it's not easy.
Happy New Year
Posted by JVJ @ 6:25 am
Jan 2nd : 2009

It's the start of a new year. A time for reflection and new beginnings. I wish you much happiness and fulfillment in 2009.

Here are the final down-to-the-wire entries in the Big Contest. Your time is up now and Paul and I will judge the winners over the course of the next several days. Expect announcements within a week.
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