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The Storm Margin
The Storm Margin

Press Reviews...

A Cavern Of Black Ice was well received when it was first published back in 1999. On this page you can read a small selection of review excerpts and comments drawn from various publications, websites and authors. Unfortunately, Bodger & Grift also deliver their verdict at the foot of the page.
With this novel, J.V. Jones has started something that I believe will become a truly great series. Her previous books have been marvellous - always a joy to read. A Cavern of Black Ice has a much darker tone to it than her earlier work, and only hints at the depth of the story that is being set up. It also wins the award for 'The Most Indestructible Bad Guy.'
Wayne MacLaurin, SF Site

Peopled with great characters... guaranteed to send chills through the bones.
Dallas Morning News

Fabulous... a trilogy which is sure to take readers everywhere by storm.

Tough, incisive, character-driven fantasy.

In A CAVERN OF BLACK ICE, Jones proves with her fine characterization and storytelling ability that she is on track to join the pantheon of science fiction's finest.
Bookman Book Review Syndicate

Fascinating...clean writing and crisp dialogue.
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

A Cavern Of Black Ice has vivid action, real characters, and a richly detailed setting. It's a splendid achievement.
David Drake, author of Lord of the Isles

Unusual twists of plot and unforgettable characters...a work that transcends the tried-and-true formulas of fantasy.
San Antonio Express-News

One of those success stories every writer strives for.
Fresno County Sun

Jones strings out the suspense right up until the very last word.
Des Moines Sunday Register

Imaginative and vivid.
Kirkus Reviews

Jones's skillful storytelling creates an atmosphere of rising tension and dark foreboding... A solid choice for fantasy collections.
Library Journal

An exciting...great trilogy....Jones is a sparkling writer with a strikingly clear eye to detail.
Midwest Book Review

Bodger and Grift
The Dynamic Duo

Grift: This book is just like a sticky donut - once you pick it up you can't put it down. It's full of fascinating characters who are brought to life by a writer clearly blessed with great insight and perception. The plot, with its many twists and turns, held my attention like a vice and kept the pages turning at a pace. All in all, it's the perfect start to what will surely be an essential fantasy series. So what do you say, Bodger?

Bodger: I say you're a total creep! I wouldn't mind, but JV's check still hasn't arrived in the post yet.
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What The Readers Say:
"The variety of interesting and believable characters, which was a strong suit in the Book of Words trilogy, are all that I've come to expect. In particular, JV's antagonists (Penthero Iss, Marafice Eye, Sarga Veys, and Mace Blackhail) transcend the traditional "evil villains" of most fantasy works."
"I was shocked by the twist J.V. Jones had instore for us at the end. I knew then that I had truly been bested by a master of the fantasy genre."
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