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Julie's Book Tour

Here are a few photos from the book tour and WorldCon. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone across the country. The first few photos were taken in San Antonio at WorldCon where the tour kicked-off. I sat on my first panel and gave my first reading at the con (I was pretty nervous about both), but it wasn't all work, and I had a chance to meet some old friends and make some news ones.

Jennifer Roberson

The beautiful lady above is Jennifer Roberson, author of the Sword-Dancer series, and co-author of the wonderful GOLDEN KEY. Jennifer and I sat next to each other at dinner while barging (yes barging!) along the canals in San Antonio. Jennifer taught me how to say Yee Ha! correctly.

The photo above right was taken outside a chicken ranch waaaaay in the backwoods southwest of Austin. The gentleman in the dark tie in the center is the bus driver responsible for driving us there. We got lost at least once along the way!

The photo to your right is of Howard V. Hendrix, author of Lightpaths, and me. As for why I'm pulling that goofy-looking expression I have two words: engineer formal! Yes, being in Palo Alto most of the people who stopped by were software engineers. At the point when this photo was taken two gentleman dressed entirely in black (casual pants and polo shirts) had just dropped by and were in the process of explaining that their mode of dress is known in Silicon Valley as "engineer formal". (-:

Chicken Ranch!

Howard Hendrix

Peter, Josepha & Jamie

Tower Records

The photo on the left was taken on the dreaded Bus To Nowhere and features Peter Hamilton, author of the brilliant Reality Dysfunction, Josepha Sherman, writer, folklorist and storyteller and author of Forging The Runes, and the lovely Jamie Levine, editorial assistant at Warner Aspect. Above is a photo taken at Tower Records in Concord.

Tower Sign

Don & Jamie

Here is Jamie again, and the handsome gentleman in the center is Don Puckey, art director and the man responsible for designing all the marvelous covers for Warner Aspect Books. That beer in the foreground isn't mine, btw! The photo on the left shows the rather spiffy sign painted for my signing in Tower Records.

Julie's Book Tour (continued!)