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1. Although Tolkien was a British citizen who lived most of his life in England, working as a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford, he was actually born in this country:

c. South Africa

2. Whilst Tolkien was at Oxford he formed a close friendship with this other great writer of fantastic literature:

a. C.S. Lewis

3. In the first book of the Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings, the name of the tavern where Frodo tries on the ring and makes himself invisible in front of a roomful of people is:

b. The Prancing Pony

4. Ursula K. LeGuin wrote her first Earthsea novel in 1968. In this book we meet Ged, who becomes The Wizard of Earthsea. Ged is the character's true name, but names have power in LeGuin's universe and he's more commonly known as:

a. Sparrowhawk

5. Although Frank Herbert's Dune is science fiction, in many ways it reads like epic fantasy. Like Tolkien, Herbert was a world builder. He worked on a huge canvas, creating a complex feudal society, complete with secret societies, monsters and medieval strongholds. There are references to Dune in many epic fantasies. One of the most often pointed out is Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, where his sorceror-nuns, the Ais Sedai, are noted for the tight control on society, their power, beauty, and agelessness. Just like these women from Dune:

b. The Bene Gesserit

6. Speaking of Robert Jordan, which year was the first book in the Wheel Of Time series, The Eye of The World, published?

c. 1990

7. In T.H. White's classic retelling of the legend of Camelot, The Once & Future King, Arthur doesn't begin life as Arthur, but rather as an orphan with this unfortunate name:

a. The Wart

8. Most modern day interpretations of King Arthur and the knights of the round table owe a debt to the fifteenth century writer, Thomas Mallory, who collected all the various tales, myths and half-truths that were hanging around at the time and threw them all together in his Le Morte D'Arthur, which was printed in 1485. Little is certain about Mallory, except that he was a knight who fought in the French Wars (and may have seen Joan of Arc burned at the stake) and that he wrote the Le Morte D'Arthur while in jail. According to official records Mallory was arrested for:

d. All of the above

9. English writer, Diane Wynne Jones wrote The Tough Guide To Fantasyland , which is a fun book lampooning all the traditions of epic fantasy. In it she skewers such fantasy staples as STEW, which is the food of choice in most fantasy lands, and is always thick and brown and meaty, and BEER which is always dark and bitter and frothing with foam. However, certain foods and drinks often rise above the standard fantasy faire. This dish in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series has proven so popular with readers that Mr. Goodkind has now posted the recipe online. Is it:

b. Spice Soup

10. The Blue Wine of Astibar was featured in this book by Canadian writer Guy Gavriel Kay:

b. Tigana

11. When this artist was commissioned to paint the cover for the Renaissance fantasy, The Golden Key, written by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliott, he painted a self portrait on the cover. Who is this artist:

c. Michael Whelan

12. Robin Hobb is the bestselling author of the Farseer trilogy and the Liveship Traders series, but she also wrote the wonderful urban fantasies, Cloven Hooves and Wizard of the Pigeons, under this name:

a. Meghan Lindholm

13. New epic fantasy, The Runelords, was written by David Farland, who is also known as this award-winning SF writer:

b. Dave Wolverton

14. Which bestselling fantasy author has written the novelization to Stars Wars: Chapter 1, The Phantom Menace:

b. Terry Brooks

15. In The Deeds of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon, the heroine runs away from home to join a band of mercenaries. Ms. Moon writes with unusual depth and insight about the world of barrack life. This may be because Ms. Moon actually spent time in the armed forces. Did she join:

a. The Marine Corps

16. Roger Zelazny's Amber is probably one of the best loved fantasy series of all time. In the first novel, Nine Princes in Amber, the hero, Corwin, finds himself in a hospital room with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Eventually he discovers he's one of nine princes of the true world, Amber. And his father is named after this Shakespearean character:

c. Oberon

17. Marion Zimmer Bradley's popular Darkover series is set in a cold mountainous world where magic is worked in great matrixes by an elite aristocracy known as:

a. The Com'yn

18. The harsh northern landscape of A Cavern of Black Ice, by J.V. Jones, is peopled by warring clans with ancient histories and long-lived hatreds. One of the clans is named Dhoone, in honor of the classic adventure novel Lorna Doone written by:

b. Richard Blackmore

19. The Gormenghast Trilogy is a huge, gothic rambler of a series, set in a shambling castle that boasts layer upon layer of cellars and secret rooms. Its "kitchen boy makes good in an ancient and cavernous fortress" plot has been influencing writers of epic fantasy ever since. The first book in the series was published in 1946, and was written by:

a. Mervyn Peake

20. What epic fantasy series ends with the sentence, "Peace, tremulous, unexpected, sent a taproot out of nowhere into Morgon's heart." Is it:

c. Patricia McKillip's Riddle Master Series

So, how did you do? This useful table below helps you judge your performance, whilst also conferring upon you a rather nifty title befitting your skill-level in the field.
20 out of 20 Congratulations! You are indeed the "Grand Elf of Epic Fantasy" and are henceforth entitled to use the honorific "Grand Elf" on all your credit cards and dial-up accounts. Your extensive and far-ranging knowledge of the field demands respect, so if there are others present in the room you must command them to bow and address you as "Your Elfness." Very, very, very well done. Your place in the Grey Havens is assured.
19-15 Well done! You know your stuff. From this day forth you may be known as "Master of Epic Fantasy, Balrog Level." You have little to learn and much to feel smug about! May men, women and various smallfolk continue to fall at your feet.
14-10 Excellent performance. Whilst not attaining the coveted Elf or Balrog status, your well-rounded knowledge of the field entitles you to the honorific, "Apprentice-Master, Gandalf Level."
9-5 Not bad at all. You show great promise as a scholar and traveling companion. By answering so many questions correctly you have won yourself the title, "Journeyman-Apprentice, Orc Level."
4-1 Oh dear. Perhaps more time in the scriptorium might be advised. Still, you did manage to answer a few questions correctly and so may use the title, "Initiate-Apprentice, Hobbit Level."
0 Ug! Perhaps you might want to start reading Westerns or Romances instead. Still, the only way to go is up, so you will henceforth be known as, "Chief Bottlewasher and Odd Jobsman, Troll Level."

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