pea pod

Hello, my little Sweetmeats, Tavalisk here. These following Cooking With Tavalisk Pages have been available for some time in Adobe Acrobat format, but my network of spies and informants tell me that few people have actually downloaded them as such! The cheek! I went to all that trouble (well Gamil did actually, but that's beside the point), putting great time and effort into a single, definitive document, and Adobe didn't even bother to send me any free food for my trouble. Not even a basket of fruit! Henceforth all acrobats will be banned for the Archbishop's Palace in Rorn.

Now, Gamil has slaved over a hot HTML editor for five days and five nights to bring you a networthy version of Cooking. You'll be pleased to know he's recovering nicely from having his fingers forcibly jammed in the SCSI port, and his eyeballs held open with toothpicks while a Hewlett Packard ScanJet scanned his retinas (he says the most unfortunate part of not being able to see clearly for the past few days has been that he cannot gaze admiringly at yours truly. I can only imagine the mental trauma!).

Go forth: Cook, Eat, Terrorize Your Food.