About J.V.

J.V. Jones was born in Liverpool, England. She has been writing for seven years, and is currently working on her sixth novel, which will be titled A Fortress of Grey Ice. She lives in San Diego, California.

All three books in The Book Of Words Trilogy are #1 national bestsellers, and have been bought for publication in England, Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Holland. Her fifth book, A Cavern of Black Ice, is the first in a new series.

J.V. enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, playing RPG's, watching old black-and-white movies, and pottering around the house!

quick-time  movie

This is one BIG file. It's a quick-time movie of me sitting and writing my book. (I had just got one of those QuickCam thingies and it seemed like a good idea at the time). Warning: this is not very exciting.

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It's not easy getting published. This Writer's Digest article documents the tough editorial process that beginning writers have to go through.


Here's a page I maintain for beginning SF writers. It contains information on SF publishers online, their submission guidelines, and other useful links.

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