Some basic advice
J.V. Jones
July 25th : 2007

Beginning writers often ask me for advice, and the best and most basic advice I can give is: write every day. Even if youíre busy, uninspired, or feeling under-the-weather: write. Do not wait for inspiration. Perfect writing conditions happen rarely. Itís far better to put an imperfect sentence down on paper than no sentence at all. At least tomorrow you can go back and revise imperfect. Revising zero gets you zero.

Professional writers know writing is work. That means, just as with most other jobs, you have to do it every day. Some days are better than others. Thereíll be times when itís painful to write a sentence and you canít seem to get it just right, and spend far too long tinkering with ďIt was a dark and sultry nightĒ. Occasionally, the words will come with ease and the right metaphors will presents themselves on the page. These are the times all writers write for: those moments when the story seems to write itself. You have to put in the time to achieve these hallowed moments, though. Writing every day increases your chances. And in the meantime, while youíre waiting for them, you just might write a book.