Kevin's Review

A Cavern of Black Ice by J. V. Jones is undoubtedly her best work. The world and characters that she has created are moving, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

The character of Ash is a very sympathetic character. The reader feels sorry for her when her foster father, Penthero Iss, treats her badly (which is almost always). However, she manages to show off her strong will at certain times, like when she drags her servant Katia up to her room and demands to know what her foster father has been planning for her. She usually loses battles with Iss, and retreats back to her room to be taken care of by Katia.

Raif Severance is a very enjoyable character, though at times,frustrating. When Raif and his brother Drey return to the clanhold after finding members of their clan dead, he must swallow the new clanchief's excuses and explanations of what happened. He always stands up for what he believes is right, and is a great obstacle for the new clan chief.

Chief Mace Blackhail weaves a great web of lies and deceit, while reminding the reader of Kylock from the Book of Words series. He is revolting, maddening, and evil, though one loves to hate him.

A Cavern of Black Ice has very haunting similarities and connections between it and the Book of Words, the new trilogy's predecessor. At the beginning of the novel, there is a girl born that could be the daughter of the rightful king of the Four Kingdoms from the Book of Words. And magical drawings still leave the user with the metallic taste in their mouths, and make them weak.

In conclusion, I again state that A Cavern of Black Ice is unforgettable and breathtaking. The characters are fresh and exciting, and will leave every reader satisfied.