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I couldn't believe it but your book "The Baker's Boy" caused me to bomb my math quiz because I could not put it down. All well, at least it wasn't a test. But I would like to say that you have put together one of the better fantasy book out there in the market. I just finished "A Man Betrayed" and waiting anxiously for the conclusion. -- Jim Lin

I thoroughly enjoyed The Baker's Boy. It is darker and more graphic than most fantasy/quest novels, which adds a certain twist of realism. I read your book in three days as a study diversion from my Radiology boards. Four Kingdoms doctors aren't much to sneeze at, are they? -- Sean M. Flynn

The Bakers Boy is the best book I have ever read! Thank you for writing such a great book! I am looking forward to reading the next in the series!!!! -- Brain Hudson's a *brilliant* book! My friend, who's never read a fantasy book in her life before, grabbed it off me and has now nicked my entire bookshelf! It's a very humorous book, with some really *evil* villains, vivid characters. Sorry...I tend to get a bit carried away! But then, good books tend to do that to me! -- Isabelle Rees

"The Bakers Boy" was one of the best three fantasy novels I have ever read. My other favorite authors are: Terry Brooks and Angus Wells. You have an exceedingly readable style, and I am looking forward to your future efforts. -- Jeremy Mucha

Just finished Baker's Boy can't wait for A Man Betrayed. Probably will though as we seem to be quite far behind here in Britain. -- Paul O'Brien

It is extremely refreshing to find a "fantasy" author without a beard, glasses, and a pipe. Your background (exporting marketing, etc..) lead me to believe that you are more "normal" than my usual choice of authors. Regardless, your work in The Baker's Boy is delightful! -- Scott Wilgenbush

I just finished reading "The Baker's Boy" and it was terrific! A story I could really sink my teeth into. Thank you! I can hardly wait to read the next book! -- K. La Force

I recently picked up BAKER'S BOY and am thoroughly enjoying it. I haven't had much time to read, what with school and all, but I expect to finish it a week or so after exams are over. -- Abner Senires

Having finished my last Final exam today (I'm a grad student in Astronomy at Rutgers U. in NJ), I think it is time to treat myself to buying the sequel to "The Baker's Boy". I have two important pursuits in my life (apart from astronomy and romance of course): reading SF and cooking - the first I got stuck with through my dad, the second through my mom. You are absolutely the first SF writer I've read with such gorgeous detail of cooking and eating habits. Although I myself am not very enthusiastic about crustaceans, having lived in a port town for most of my life, his eminence at least got me trying shrimp again (though not with such a, shall we say, hedonistic fervor). Thank you for writing this wonderful book. -- Aren Sluis

I just finished "A Man Betrayed", and I loved it. I can't wait for the next book! -- Donald Spaulding

I am an international student at NSU, and a big fan of fantasy literature. I have read a great deal in this style, but only recently I have tried to read books in English. I really liked "The Baker's Boy". I think it is really a great book!!! -- Robert Wagner

Has anyone had anything bad to say about your books?? I'm in the navy, living in Japan. The bookstore is about one year behind on getting new books so I was happy to find a book I had never seen before. Needless to say my wife got mad at me because all I did was read your book. I tend to save books for when I'm at sea. But your book had to be read quickly. Thank you for writing such an engaging story. -- Emmanuel Franklin

I need more. I read The Baker's Boy and I was hooked. Then I read A Man Betrayed. Now I'm addicted. They were excellent books. It's been awhile since I have read a book that pulls me right into a story and then doesn't let go. Keep the books coming ASAP. -- Mathys Vanderlinden

I just finished "A Man Betrayed" yesterday. I enjoy your writing very much and would compare your trilogy (thus far) to Tad Williams' "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn," which is my personal favorite (other than Tolkien's works of course--we wouldn't want any blasphemy). Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you -- Takawe Momoevi

Just read "The Baker's Boy". Enjoyed it greatly. At last some fantasy that isn't run of the mill and glossy, but a down to earth story with real persons, who aren't perfect. -- Koen Hartsuiker

Wow. I loved your two first books in the trilogy. I hate the archbishop, don't care too much for Baralis (mainly because you wouldn't *let* us like him) And, at the end of the second book, I must admit I'm not all that happy about Melli's character. She has ceased being an innocent and now lusts after power or powerful men. -- Doug Powless

Just finished "The Bakers Boy" and had to let you know how much I really enjoyed it. It's been a long time since I've read a Fantasy novel. The thing that keeps getting in the way is that when I'm through I want to move right on to the next volume and there isn't one. At least not for a year or more. Heck! by then, I've forgotten the premise of the whole story. I'm glad to see that your second book is already published. I'm looking forward to reading it. -- Jim Proudman

I bought you book "The Baker's Boy" this last Monday and I will probably finish it either tonight or tomorrow, I cannot wait to read the second in the series, thank you for a great story. -- Richard Schuh

I really enjoyed your last book The Baker's Boy and am looking forward to the rest of the trilogy, A Man Betrayed, and Master and Fool. I love your home page too. -- David Dean Farnham.

I just finished reading your wonderful book THE BAKERS BOY. It was great! Thank you very much for a great story and I look forward to reading the sequel(s). The only problem with it was it ended to soon. -- Terry Beatty

I really enjoyed your books, The Baker's Boy, and A Man Betrayed. -- David VanDeSompele

I finished it in two days. Now I'm suffering till the next story comes out on the Baker's Boy. Oh well, that will be my problem. Thanks for a truly got'ya series! -- Barry

Just finished The Baker's Boy. Wonderful story! It has a Tolkienish feel to it. By which I mean that the world you created in your novel is almost real. You felt what the characters feel, you live their lives as the pages turn. I look forward to the next book in The Book of the Worlds series. -- John P. David

I am guilty of having NOT YET read A MAN BETRAYED, right now I am working my way through L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s RECLUSE series. What this all means is that next week is when I will first reread BAKER'S BOY then onto A MAN BETRAYED. Really looking forward to it. Are you already working on a new series and if not why not? I love your world and characters. --Morgan Hladik

I must say that I have read (read: devoured) both of your novels, and my local bookseller really hates the fact that I bugged her for so long over AMB...I must say that I absolutely love the books. (I even put the Wheel of Time on hold to read AMB. I didn't think anything would make me do that!) -- Peter Monks

Just want to let you know that I thought it was a great book. I especially admire your skill at bringing together all sorts of plot elements with very disparate tones into a cohesive whole -- the comedy-grotesque of the archbishop, the hauntedness of Larn and Tawl's association with it, the growing up of Jack and Melli and, of course, Grift & Bodger. In other words, it's fun and I like it! -- Matt Denault

Great work on "The Bakers Boy". I can't wait to read "A Man Betrayed". Keep up the great work! -- DJ

M'lady, I read both your books, it took about a week. Totally captivating. characters well rounded with their own special twist. A refreshing tale, wonderfully constructed. Awaiting your next release of The Book of Words. I will stand in line come rain or shine. Keep up the GREAT work. -- Steven J. Lopez

Your book The Baker's Boy was outstanding. What an imagination you have. I picked the book up at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport prior to a long business trip. I sincerely could not put the book down. Congratulations on your great accomplishments! -- Kevin Turnbo

Okay, so admittedly I only picked it up because I was lurking about the Robert Jordan shelf, vainly hoping to see 'A Crown of Swords' (Australia doesn't get it till July) and your cover art was kinda similar (Publishers run out of artists, huh?) but I have really enjoyed it. I stand in awe of your continued ability to find increasingly gross things for Tavalisk to eat. --Ilana Smith

I just started Baker's Boy. It caught my attention quickly and I am happy to say that I think I'm hooked. I have not seen the second book in the stores yet. Is it available? -- Gary

Just got back from Saudi. Baker's Boy kept me sane. I decided to risk losing my hands in order to finish and was it ever worth it. Couldn't put it down. On the 'plane, in the bath, on the loo, anytime, any place, anywhere. The seven hour flight to Dubai is normally a real drag despite the many in-flight movies, drinks, meals, etc. This time is wasn't long enough as I was really sucked into the storyline. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. -- Peter Gott

I finished "A Man Betrayed" and all I can say is "Wow!" I hate waiting until October for "Master and Fool". -- Rochelle Mitchell

There aren't many series wherein the second book is even better than the first. Great writing, and like many others, I'm counting the days till October and I can once again curl up with a GOOD book! -- Brian Symonds

I was curious if both "The Baker's Boy" and "A Man Betrayed" were available in hardcover. I have only been able to find trade paper backs and my copies are getting pretty beat up. I would also say that I enjoyed both books and anticipate the next book in the series. -- Adam Turk

Just finished The Baker's Boy, really enjoyed it. There's lots of stuff I'll be checking out on your web site. Looking forward to the rest of the series. -- Logan G. Harbaugh

I just finished The Baker's Boy and was thoroughly impressed. Thank you for a fantasy book that reaffirms my belief in quality books of this sort. I am a Chef at the Ritz Carlton in Aspen and I found your descriptions of food a valued addition to the book. Several times your delicate words made me hungry and forced me to cook a meal for myself I am an avid Anglophile and your book reflected the imagery of a good porter served slightly warm. -- Scott P. Davis

Just a note to say I really enjoy your writing and keep up the good work. -- Kevin

For a beginner you are doing a bang-up job! I hate fantasy books that just retell the same old story - Hero w/magic sword vs. Evil Archmage. I want to read about believable people and situations, not immortals battling in a never ending war between light and dark. Keep up the good work and you will have a loyal following of fans like myself. -- Ned Bryant

I really enjoyed your last book " The Baker's Boy" and am looking forward to the rest of the trilogy, " A Man Betrayed, and Master and Fool". I love your home page, too. -- David Dean Farnham.

I am still very impressed with both the plot and the presentation of the characters in the Book of Words trilogy so far. I think that a lot of authors would not have been able to make the separate storylines flow so nicely into one. I like the way each of the characters has their own voice and style. It makes for very interesting reading. I also really like the way your work the magic in your books. I find it to be a very original and plain old neat system :) In general I have really enjoyed your books, and am (im)patiently awaiting the next one! :) -- Heather Hatch

I just finished reading your book The Baker's Boy. In fact I liked it so much that I ordered the second book also, with an advance for the third. -- Ilya Tillekens

Keep on writing! In fact, I have put you on my 'advance order writers' list. This means that I will buy any book which comes out from that writer, including you! Hoping you write many more books. -- BJD

Enjoyed your book! Did find however that it was somewhat darker than most of the SF/Fantasy that I normally read. But the story was a good read and I'm looking forward to finding books 2 and 3 in the stores. -- Dave Rocheleau

I received my 'Rat Oil" in the mail today. Thank you. Any suggestions on how to trim my newly sprouted tail? Now onto a more serious note. I read "The Baker's Boy" on a lark. I saw it in bookstores but never considered buying it. When I saw it in my local public library I picked it up (read it), and lo and behold you made yourself a new fan. I was going to wait for the library to purchase a copy of 'A Man Betrayed", in order to read it, but now that I see the commitment and dedication you have for your fandom I will buy a copy to read, and then donate it to the library. Once again, thanks for putting some faith back into this reader. -- Peter Bonk

I've been reading fantasy novels since I was 15 - Dragonlance, Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality to name a few series, and your Baker's Boy seems to have hooked me in really well. I like the romance and magic mix, I guess guys will never read romance novels, but fantasy novels with romance: hey, that's acceptable! :) -- Cly Sallah

I just finished The Baker's Boy and I loved it. It's good to read a book that has more to it than just battles and running around the country side. Although it's good to see that health problems like preservation of food and maggots are in the book, was it really necessary to have Bevlin's bowels turn to water? That did surprise me! ;) -- David Gardner

I am very pleased by your book, "The Baker's Boy", and look forward to reading "A Man Betrayed". -- David J. McCaughtry

Is there a date set for release of the next book in the Baker's Boy series? Both of my daughter's keep asking when the next book is due out. -- Steve Hearne

Just finished reading the Baker's Boy and all I can say is WOW!!! It's been a long time since I picked up a book, and didn't want to put it down. I just picked up A Man Betrayed and I'm looking forward to reading it also. Please don't stop writing! -- Thomas D Minder

Your book was gripping from the start and even has episodes involving sex which is rare these days. -- Derric Clark

"The Baker's Boy," refers to Lord Baralis as the King's Chancellor. Yet, Baralis never seems to do anything but scheme on his own behalf. Does he have no official duties? If he is indeed a servant of the king, why did the queen never use her influence over the supine king to have Baralis dismissed from his post? Of course, I am referring to the time before the queen decided that she needed Baralis to keep the king alive. P.S. I like the book so far and will certainly purchase the sequels. -- T.S. Threlkeld

Lets see....the other two prologues were Baralis and Kylock being evil, they both used the secret passageways, they both killed someone, hmmm... like father like son? How about the birth of Catherine and Kylock's child? Maybe they perform some evil ritual at his conception....heh heh! Hmm...I think the only thing that would really surprise me would be if Baralis died or if Catherine died in childbirth.....unless the bishop's aide fed him to the maneating mollusks of Larn...and took his place! <g> I can't wait to find out what's next. -- Bruce Jones

I have recommended "Bakers Boy" to everyone I know, and it has been well received...I am very much looking forward to the paperback release of "A Man Betrayed." -- Leland E. Modesitt

Loved your book Baker's Boy...looking forward to reading the rest of the series. -- Wesley

Well met and well done! Tis a rare joyful day on Larn when a writer of your talent comes along. Keep up the good work. -- Matt Haynes

I suppose I might as well start with the wonderful and over-used cliche (I started reading your first book and just couldn't put it down). Why not say it? If I didn't I'd be lying. One of the things I enjoy most about your writing style is that each character really participates in the story. Telling a story in one persons eyes is one thing, telling it in several people's eyes really makes it come alive, you experience the characters thoughts, super! Then of course comes the adrenaline rush, every new discovery, Jack's power, Baralis' assassination plots, Maybor's narrow escapes, You truly transport your readers into the world you've created. I finished your first book much to soon, ran immediately to the book store for the second book. Thanks again for the great writing. -- Terry Smith

Your web pages are great. Never have I seen an author create a wonderful place to visit on the www, not to mention great books. I enjoyed all the different areas of the web page, and the two characters, Bodger and Grift are very funny indeed. It's nice to see an author who is willing to create a place like this for her fans. Continue on with the wonderful books! --Jeremy Barney

The Baker's Boy and A Man Betrayed were great! The entire Kaupp family is waiting (impatiently) for the last in the trilogy. Thanks for putting your web site in the book, I've had a great time exploring and found a wonderful place to order books. I ordered A Man Betrayed, and to my surprise, got an autographed copy! I did enjoy the rat oil. THANKS! -- Meredith Kaupp

I just want to tell you that your book was great (The Baker's Boy), I really enjoy a good read and your book filled the bill. I'm an avid reader and of the thousands of books I've read your book is one of my favorites. (The best series I ever read was Diana Gambaldan's Outlander trilogy, but yours is very close 2nd. I'm starting A Man Betrayed, I'm sure I'll love it.-- Michael Castellano

I finished the Baker's Boy and a Man Betrayed in less than a week. I love fantasy and these 2 books are some of the best books I have ever read. I absolutely love the characters in your books. They are so alive, especially the villains (like Tavalisk!!!!). I can't wait for the next book to come out! Thanks for writing such a GREAT series! -- Scott Sipe

I just wanted to drop you an email and say that I think your books are great. I am reading the BAKER'S BOY presently and so far I love it. I would like to comment that I think you are the best fantasy writer I have read except for Terry Brooks who writes the SHANNARA books. -- Benjamin Wheeless

I read the Baker's Boy last week and truly enjoyed every word. I am an avid fantasy reader and usually read female writers. This was my first foray into your work and it was extremely satisfying. -- Claire L. Warren

I just finished reading The Baker's Boy and I have to say that it is one of the best fantasy novel I have ever read. I especially enjoyed the little scenes with Bodger and Grift. I can't wait to read the next part and see what happens to Tawl and Jack. I also hope that Tavalisk and Baralis deserve what they deserve and that would be a nice painful death. -- Hasnaat Quraishi

It has been a good while since I have been drawn into a series of books as I am with The Book of Words.Thank you for bringing a fresh new series where one was needed. I am anxiously awaiting 'Master and Fool' -- Andy Moore

I would never have guessed that BB was your first book. I had to order the second book and must wait two weeks to read it, but that is much better than waiting two years (I've been hooked by The Wheel of Time). I hope it's ok to say that. (I'm hooked on your books too). Just beat Robert Jordan's time and I'll fall down and call you blessed (I hope I spelled that right!) Thanks for the great read. -- Victor

Enjoyed both TBB and AMB. Hope to see the next in the series in the bookstores soon. -- Charles Ferguson

The Book of Words: ...OK, I'm absolutely hooked. Great job! Definitely up there with Jordon & Brooks. I'm dying for the conclusion, "Master and Fool". When do you think I could get my little hands on it :-) Any way of getting an advance copy...oh! please! -- Scott Lukens

I recently bought THE BAKER'S BOY and thoroughly loved it! That easily prompted me to purchase A MAN BETRAYED, and I happened to love that even more (I stayed up all night to finish it...un-put-downable!!) Anyway, I just wanted to commend you on (aside from EVERYTHING) your characterization! I have never read a novel with so many villains. What makes it even more interesting is that the villains are villainous towards the good guys AND the bad guys! Anyway, I love THE BOOK OF WORDS and can't wait until MASTER AND FOOL is released! You are a fabulous writer and I look forward to any future novel that you release! --Scott M. Maciejewski

I finished A.M.B. weds. and I was thinking poor Jack, I hope he gets to be with Melli. I never thought the Duke would get assassinated (great suspense there). I like the way you write how men think, most is pretty damn close. Well thanks again for the great stories and I can't wait for the next installment. -- Ken

You are only the second author in 7+ years whose work I've enjoyed to the point that I bought a trade edition, I *hate* trade editions. Even worse is I will probably end up getting the third book in trade, so I'll have to get the first. Grr! :) -- J Hulley-Miller

I just finished reading The Baker's Boy, and just thought I'd say that it was probably one of the best fantasy novels I've read in the last few years. Ranks right up there with Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks; I loved your plot continuity with respect to the hopping back and forth from scene to scene, in addition to the varied assortment of antagonists! For once, a novelist unafraid to be a little coarse with reference to a medieval-style world. -- Nick Bouton

First off I would like to say, I really enjoyed The Baker's Boy. I have read many books and you are now one of my favorite authors. I will be buying the sequel tomorrow, hopefully it will be available. Thanks again for the great story. -- Ken Deaton

I must admit that I thought you were a man when I read "Baker's Boy". You reminded me a bit of Hugh Cook - not the style of writing, but rather the depravity and anti-heroic nature of most of your characters. I love characters who are base and vile - and who occasionally take the time to do rarely mentioned but vital activities like having periods and going to the bathroom, which are generally sadly neglected in the fantasy genre. --The Love Doctor, Pete.

Great story, the Baker's Boy! -- Victor Roberts

I am almost finished with "The Baker's Boy" and will shortly be buying "A Man Betrayed." I must say that I have enjoyed the book immensely so far. Your writing style is quite interesting and the scenes with Grift and Bodger and the scenes with Tavalisk and Gamil provide a unique framing to the story as well, one that I have really not seen before. These scenes, while quite comical at times, also do much to further the plot of the story, as I am sure you intended. -- James Holman

I have read Vol. I & II of Book of Words; I eagerly await Vol. III. I read a lot of SF/Fantasy, and I am very impressed with your work. Well done, and thank you. -- Roger M. Christen

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books. -- Andrew Harvey

I have read both The Bakers Boy & A Man Betrayed. I was wondering when the third book to the series was going to be released. PLEASE let me know I really enjoyed the first two. Thank You. -- Tina Border

Okay, so I haven't finished reading The Baker's Boy yet. So what? I always read the About The Author sections ahead of time. I'm only here because someone pried me away from the book to eat, and I figured I might as well see the web site whilst I'm at it. I read a lot of fantasy novels, and most of them are good, but...well....clean. I'm sure that reality didn't fade out in real life any time that Mr. Knight In Shining Armor took Ms. Damsel In Dis Dress up to the tower. To tell the truth, this book absolutely shocked me...Thanks, JV, for a book that actually isn't submersed in soap and flowers. My parents might throw a fit if they read even the first part of this book, but Oh, WELL. I'll buy a different copy and keep it somewhere else to read. Thanks again. -- Matthew Ash

I have now finished "The Baker Boy", and eagerly await the paperback release of "A Man Betrayed" -- Don Furstenberg

I recently became acquainted with your work. Am looking forward to more. -- Bob Hodges

I just bought the book "The Baker's Boy" last night and have already finished was great. Please keep the fabulous sense of humor and flowing plot and you will be around for many years. I must go now...I have another book to buy. -- Joe

I was writing to ask what the anticipated publication date for "Master & Fool" might be. I loaned The Baker's Boy and A Man Betrayed to a friend of mine. Now we are both anxiously awaiting the final book. -- Diane Billings

I love your book.(The Baker's Boy). -- Inge Meister

I just finished reading Baker's Boy on 8\5\96. I just thought that I would let you know that I LOVED it! I am eagerly awaiting the next book in The Book Of Words series to come out in paperback. Please keep writing GREAT books, like The Baker's Boy! BTW, you are the YOUNGEST author I have ever read. -- Donald W. Ray

"The Book of Words" is a great story. How soon can we expect the book? --Greg Rumbaugh

I have just finished reading The Baker's Boy. It was great. You need to make the next book a little thicker. -- Royden Daikwaw

I finished AMB a few weeks ago, and I can't wait for the third (and final!) book of the trilogy. (Of course, if you're reading this, why aren't you writing?) -- Chris Becker

I just finished your most excellent book this morning while at work. Your book is fantastic, brilliant I've never been so compelled to read. Last night I was on chapter 31 and if it was for having to get up a 6am I would have finished it last night, it was hard to close the book and go to sleep. I'm now eagerly awaiting the third book how long?, is it finished yet?? The suspense is going to kill me. -- Mary Berger

I just finished "The Baker's Boy" and I will pickup "A Man Betrayed" tomorrow. I have a question though, is it really necessary for the Jack to remain unknowledgeable about his power(s) so long? I know it was done for a reason, I just was a bit put out that it's taking him so long to get some training. Also, was it necessary for Bevlin to die? ;) -- Daryl Davis

I just read your book "The Baker's Boy" and enjoyed it. You did a nice job on your web site too. It was a good idea to include the prologue and first two chapters of your next book. I will look forward to seeing it in the bookstores. -- Tom Proett

Just read Baker's Boy last night. Fantastic book, I couldn't put it down till I finished it. -- Jeff D

I really enjoy your books, I am looking forward to your next book. Thanxs --- Dave Tribble

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