Here they are, the answers to the most common email questions
How many books will there be in the Sword of Shadows series?
As of 02/07/08, there will be five books in the series.
What happened? We thought it was supposed to be a trilogy.
It was never a trilogy. I knew from the start the story would take more than three books to tell. The confusion came when the publishers bought the first three books and marketed them as a trilogy.
When will Book IV come out?
It will be finished in 2008. The earliest it will be published is 2009. It doesnít have a title yet.
When will A Sword of Shadows be available in Germany?
There are no plans to publish SWORD in German.
What advice can you give to beginning writers?
Write, read and write again. There are no easy answers. You just have to write and be prepared that itís going to be bad at first (and maybe for a while afterwards). I regularly update the On Writing page with advice and encouragement for beginning writers.
Where do you get your ideas?
For me itís a case of when--when Iím working, at the keyboard, banging the keys.
How do you work?
Slowly. Iím not a writer who can reel off a first draft quickly. Unless a chapterís good I canít go on and write the next one. I also canít write for a character unless I know his/her name, and I can spend days, sometimes weeks, searching for that name. Most often I find writing difficult and draining. In my mind I have this perfect vision of a scene and itís hard, very hard, to translate that vision into words. However, there are times when the clouds clear and writing is suddenly effortless. Itís all there: the perfect words, the right details, the most accurately rendered emotions. Those are the moments I write for, those seconds of pure grace.
Whoís your favorite character in the series?
Parents donít have favorites--or if they do, they donít tell.
Will we see more crossover characters from The Book of Words appearing in Sword of Shadows?
Now that would be telling also.
When are you coming to my home town to do a book signing?
I usually only do book signings when thereís a new book out so I wonít be touring in 2008.
Can I expect a reply to my email?
I read all emails, and enjoy receiving them. Sometimes it takes a while to reply.
Can you read my manuscript?
No. I donít have time.
Is JV married?