Bodger & Grift's


Web Pilgrimage

"Here, Grift, you don't happen to know any memorable sites, do you?"

"Memorable sights, Bodger? Why there ain't no more memorable sight in the universe than old Widow Harpit bending over to tie her shoelaces. Makes a man glad to be alive, it does."

"No, Grift. I mean web sites! Do you know any memorable web sites?"

"Web sites! Why didn't you say that in the first place then, Bodger? Course I know web sites. There's nothing I don't know about the web. Here's a few of my particular favorites to be getting along with."

Gold Ball_Codpiece International Homepage
Gold Ball_The Virtual Pub and Beer Emporium
Gold Ball_Things You Don't Want To Catch
Gold Ball_Get Your Medieval Stuff Here
Gold Ball_Cock's Fine Brews
Gold Ball_Medieval Food
Gold Ball_Castle Gormenghast
Gold Ball_Owls and Other Horny Birds
Gold Ball_A Nice Selection of Polearms
Gold Ball_Soil Fertility
Gold Ball_Foot Odor
Gold Ball_Guinness and a Man's Staying Power
Gold Ball_Home of the Lying Cow
Gold Ball_Beer Master's Page
Gold Ball_See What Julie's Brother Is Up To


Granite Ball_Science Fiction Conventions Northwest
Granite Ball_Aberdeen University SF & F Society
Granite Ball_Dominion SciFi Channel
Granite Ball_Science Fiction Resource Guide