WARNING: This ADL page may well break your browser!

Yes, this page is BIG and it has so many of those damned pesky animated gifs that unless your machine has a good dose of RAM, it may well sicken. In fact, I advise most of you to turn back now anyway. This page leads nowhere, none of the links are working, and apart from several cute flashing things, there's not a whole lot to see or do.

What is this page? you ask, still not sure if you want to proceed or not. Well, it's one of those Jones family projects that got started but never finished
(Jones family motto: Just because we start something doesn't necessarily mean we have to finish!). Personally, I blame Paul. You should know, however, that he blames me! In any event it was a fun idea, and there's lots of pages that we did complete, so here is one of them presented for your surfing pleasure. Paul never got around to scoring the music (yes, music), but he has assured me that if he had it would be in the mode of the new and revised theme tune for Mission Impossible. So we'd both be grateful if you could hum the first few bars while the page is downloading!

Go Ahead. Break My Browser